Genet Ethiopian | Seven Sisters

Genet Ethiopian | Seven Sisters, London

Delicious, Eat with your hands, Relaxed home cooked traditional cuisine

We found out this place after it was HIGHLY recommended by our neighbours in Tottenham. We were sold when we heard it was inexpensive (also BYOB), local and something different to try out.

The first time we went, Ben and I had no idea what we were doing. It's certainly different as there was no menu, the place was busy with families and locals and we didn't really know what to expect. But the lovely woman working asked us if we ate meat and that was pretty much it! She brought out an incredible mixed platter of small veggie and meat dishes, all served on a bed of Injera - a sourdough-risen spongy flatbread. With no cutlery, you just tear the bread and scoop.

The food was so delicious. We spent the whole time, guessing the flavours, pairing little dishes and asking the other, "Have you tried this one yet?!"

We took our own beers in at no extra corkage and the whole meal came to £10 per head.

Now we've been there more times than I can count and always loved eating in, watching whichever crazy TV show is on and feeling like we're in the chefs living room, but this time we got take out. It was the day of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's wedding day and the square outside was POPPING off with 2 competing street parties! Although it looked a lot of fun, it was a bit loud for dinner music so we headed home.

As we brought it home in tupperware, I decided to present the dishes a little differently than usual and dug out a gorgeous brown serving dish I'd just bought from our local charity shop for a whopping £1 and a cute mini grey dish from my fave Flying Tiger.


Now as I mentioned, we've never seen a menu (and never needed to) but the style of ordering has changed recently. Rather than being served per head, you order the dishes as a dish now. For example, one veggie and one meat dish shared is enough for two hungry people (and that's including Ben who always has room for seconds!) The total still came to £10 each.

There's also vegan options and gluten-free Injera bread available (a little darker and more sour, different but equally delicious) so Genet really does have a great range to suit most requirements. Another reason it's a great place to take friends. (Especially my lot!)


Highly recommend, Cheap, Great to take Friends, Delicious Homecooked Food

Menu Recommendation:

Always the mixed veggie dish and then let the chef decide!

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