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How Willpower Works | Stuff You Should Know Podcast 

I'm sure most of us, at some point, have struggled with willpower. In fact as soon as I've decided I'm not having something, I want it. Yep I'm talking about every diet I've ever been on!

Then recently I came across this podcast which really resonated with me. It was created by the awesome guys at Stuff You Should Know (they entertain me no end with their HUGE range of insightful podcasts) but I thought this one really needed to be shared with you. 

This podcast discusses:

- Why we crave sugary things
- Our willpower 'meter' and how it fluctuates
- How glucose can actually HELP with willpower
- Results and conclusions from persistence tests
- Willpower fatigue and the ego

The podcast had me hooked from the beginning, when Chuck and Josh paraphrased this idea:

"Plato suggested that the entire sum of human existence could be basically nailed down with just this...

You have a higher self and a lower self, and your purpose for living (or man's struggle), is to overcome the usually more powerful urges of the lower self, in order to fulfil the goals of the higher self."

Knowing that the two selfs are in conflict has helped really remember why I set my goals, and try to stay on the right track when I'm feeling low. So thanks Stuff You Should Know!

Do you struggle with willpower? Did this podcast help you or have you had a small win recently? I'd love to hear all about it! Please let me know in the comment below!

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